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Consultant Program

A few of the beautiful faces of EllaTina! A diverse group of women dedicated to empowering one another.

Open the door to a New Opportunity. Become an EllaTina Fashion Consultant!

We believe every woman should be in control of their success!

With EllaTina you can make a great income entirely on your own terms. We are creating our own path in the direct sales industry! We don't require any large upfront inventory purchases, monthly re-orders, or sales requirements. Work the business as often or as little as you like, via social media, local sales, or a combination of both. It's completely up to you! We've designed a business opportunity that lets our consultants create their own level of success and gives them the support they need along the way.

market-icon.png Low Cost To Join!

Low Cost Signup - kits start at ONLY $49.99
Our kits contain product only. We don't "fluff" our kits with marketing materials you may or may not want or need.

dollericon.png Commission Rates

Earn 30% Cash Payout (via paypal or check) OR convert your commission over to 50% Retail Value Product Credit. 

Example: Sell $1000 retail, earn $300 Cash commission OR $500 in Retail Value Product Credit. This is a great way to purchase product for yourself, to give as gifts, rewards, or to use as inventory to resell. 

Refer others to our program and have the *potential to earn 5% on all your immediate downline's (2nd level down) sales. 

*requirement of $50 in retail value sales per month to qualify for ANY downline payout. 

discount.png Upfront Discount

Consultants receive 30% upfront discount (with the option to earn up to 40% upfront discount, see below).
Consultants are able to purchase the exact prints and sizes they want, and their discount will be deducted at time of order. 

chart-2-24.png  Bonus Ranking Incentive

For those consultants who refer customers to their website to order, we offer an additional bonus program for you. This ranking incentive program is based on *your customer's website sales activity, and allows you to unlock 2 more levels of downline commission, giving you the opportunity to earn an additional **5%, making the total possible downline commission you can earn 10%, down 3 levels.

Rank Title: Cerise - 2nd Level Downline: 5% (available automatically upon signup)
Rank Title: Bondi - 3rd Level Downline: 3% 
Rank Title: Christalle - 4th Level Downline: 2% 

Each level earned, also gives you an additional Upfront Discount:

Rank Title: Cerise - Upfront Discount 30% (available automatically upon signup)
Rank Title: Bondi - Upfront Discount 35% 
Rank Title: Christalle - Upfront Discount 40%

Once each level is reached, you will stay at your rank for as long as you are an active consultant. No monthly quotas to maintain rank. 

*ranking Incentive to unlock 2 more levels of downline payout starts once consultant has reached $500 in website retail sales (ie. orders from customers that shop through the website) and does not include consultant's personal discounted orders. 
**requirement of $50 in retail value sales per month to qualify for ANY downline payout.

monthly-pay-icon.png Monthly Payouts

You will receive your commission payments on the 10th of every month following the closing of the previous month, if you have earned at least $25.00 in commissions. If you have not earned at least $25.00, commission will be rolled over to the following month until you have reached the $25.00. Commission is paid out via paypal or check.

commision-icon.png FREE Website URL & Back Office

Upon becoming a consultant, you will receive your own custom website url that will track orders back to you. You'll also be able to keep track of the success of your promotion efforts in your back office where you'll find reports on your sales activity and commissions earned.

conference.png Authentic, Supportive Environment

We believe that a strong company culture is the heart of a successful organization. Here at EllaTina we have created an environment of authenticity, where kindness, support, and empowerment are encouraged. We want to uplift and empower you and in return ask that you do the same for your fellow consultants and customers! We believe that working together, we can do amazing things! To help us define this ideal and create a positive environment for all, we ask that every Consultant follow the EllaTina Consultant Agreement, which includes our Code of Conduct.

questions.png Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. Is your program available to those outside the US?
A. Sorry, currently our consultant program is only available to those within the US.

Q. Can I signup for the EllaTina Consultant program, if I am involved with another legging company?
A. No. It's a conflict of interest and can cause too much confusion for customers.
Plus you would basically be "competing" with yourself trying to sell two different brands of the same type of product. 

And, let's be honest, if you are with another company, and are happy, and it's going well for you, you really don't need a 2nd company. Focus on what's working well. If it's not and you are ready to switch, then by all means, join us! 

Q. Are there any restrictions on places I can advertise or resell EllaTina Products?
A. We do not allow any advertising or reselling our product on any auction or marketplace type websites such as ebay, etsy, or amazon. 

Q. Is there a requirement to remain active?
A. Yes, we have a very low bi-annually(every 6 months) requirement of ONLY $50.00 in retail sales to remain an active EllaTina Consultant.

Q. Can product be sold at a retail location or vendor/craft show? 
A. Yes 

Q. Are you a wholesale company?
A. No, we are not a wholesale company.

While our consultants are able to purchase using their discount upfront, there are no wholesale minimums or monthly purchase requirements to receive this discount. Consultants instead will promote their own custom website url and direct customers to our website to place their orders. Our company handles all the order processing, collecting payment, paying credit card transaction fees, packaging and shipping orders, customer service, etc. You won't have to worry about photographing products, keeping inventory, holding popup sales, collecting payment, paying processing fees, packaging up and shipping products, dealing with leftover merchandise that just isn't selling, etc. etc. etc. Purchasing at wholesale and reselling is a much more involved and expensive process. 

Our process is much more simplified, and allows our consultants to focus on marketing their business, instead of trying to do everything on their own.

Q. Is this a party plan company where you offer hostess rewards?
A. There is not a company sponsored hostess program at this time, but it may be something we add in the future as we grow. Consultants are allowed to offer their own hostess rewards independently as the consultant, if they choose to do so. 

Q. Is this an MLM (multi-level marketing) company?
A. Referring to the "traditional" MLM concept, NO are we are not. Our program is not based on signing up mass amounts of people to sell under you, nor requiring personal and team volume in sales, in order to earn an income. We also do not pay out a commission on sign ups, or kit purchases. Instead our focus is on consultants selling our products to actual customers.

We believe that too many companies in the industry are setup to reward a very small % of those at the top of the pyramid, while those at the bottom are left with little to nothing. Many spending money out of their pocket, trying to reach or maintain rank, with pressure from those at the top of the pyramid, who ultimately are the ones making the most money.

While we do offer the chance for our consultants to earn commission from their downline, we do not have large personal sales quotas, and no team sales quotas, that the "traditional" MLM company has. These large quotas that are common in the industry, are what creates pressure from uplines towards their team, and causes many consultants to frontload inventory (ie. buying it themselves) to meet those quotas and/or maintain rank. With EllaTina once you reach a rank (based off customer sales ONLY), you stay in that rank for as long as you are an active consultant.

If you are ready to join us, and be part of this incredible journey, fill out our wait list form, and you will be notified when we are bringing on New Consultants!