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How a Pre-Order Works

How a Pre-Order Works & Why...

We offer two different shopping options here at EllaTina. "Ready-to-Ship", and "Pre-Order".

Our Pre-Order leggings are currently in production, and have not yet been completed. Production takes approximately 30 days, and each expected shipment date is listed under each pre-order. The estimated shipping date listed is just that, an estimate, and an order may ship out sooner or later than the date listed. If a pre-order goes past the estimated shipping date, you will receive an email from us with an updated shipping date. 

Our company offers Pre-Orders for a few reasons:

1. It gives more people a chance to get a print they want, before it sells out.

2. Everyone pays the same price. No need to spend double, triple. or even more for a popular "hard to find" print.

3. It will allow our consultants that wish to buy and resell, the ability to order exactly the prints and sizes they want and need.

4. This allows us to get a feel for what prints and sizes are in demand.

5. Our company does not have the worry of large amounts of money tied up in product that may or may not sell. We are a small, family run business that is 100% debt free and our goal is to stay that way. By keeping our company debt free, and not having money tied up in inventory sitting on the shelf, it will allow us to grow and offer a wider product selection.

6. Every couple of month we will feature a new Pre-Order with new prints, it keeps inventory fresh and keeps customers excited and coming back for more.