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Finding Your Perfect EllaTina Size

Our leggings are currently available in 4 different sizes. All sizes listed are in women's sizes, and the length of our leggings are for the average height (5'6 and above) person.

The sizes listed are an approximate size range and can vary depending on your body type and how you carry your weight. Unfortunately there is no "standard measurements" when it comes to sizing in the fashion industry. You can be a size 10 in one brand, and a size 14 in another. With this in mind, we have listed an appropriate size range that our leggings may fit. Depending on your body type, it may take some trial and error to find your "Perfect EllaTina Size".

If you are unsure on which size to select, we are more than happy to help assist you in finding the perfect size. Send an email to

Please Note: if you are in junior sizing, very lean in the legs, or petite in height (5'5 and below) you may find our leggings to be a bit too loose in the legs. Additional sizes will be added as we grow and there is demand.